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TITLE: Five Supposedly Imaginary Personifications Aeryn Filled in For
AUTHOR: comedownstairs
FANDOM: Farscape with a teensy bit of Discworld thrown in
DISCLAMER: So don't belong to me, la
CATEGORY: Fluff, five things
AUTHOR'S NOTES: For cantralian as a five things prompt.

1. Sighing as she hefted the sack over her shoulder for what felt like the millionth time tonight, Aeryn dropped down the chimney, always curious as to how she never seemed to get dirty doing that.

When she emerged from the fireplace, she was greeted by the wide-eyed face of a small child of indeterminable gender, staring up at her in absolute wonder.

Who then said, "You're not Santa Claus!"

"And you were supposed to be in bed when I arrived. Learn for next year," Aeryn said, heading back towards the chimney.

2. She did not understand this tooth job thing. Why did anyone want teeth? Were they used for some bizarre cultural ritual? Or was it just that someone out there was a collector?

And did she really need the wand?

3. Delivering eggs and chocolate or whatever to people's homes was stupid enough, but the tail that had grown was just ridiculous.

4. Aeryn waited until the bedspread lifted up, revealing her hiding underneath it. The little boy who had finally found his courage to do so looked completely terrified, and then confused, having expected some sort of monster.

"Boogey boogey boogey," Aeryn said in a monotone, not really into this job.

Being scary as the bogeyman would have been a lot more effective with a pulse rifle.

5. Hm. Black robes, cool voice, ushering people into the next life... Being Death wasn't too bad, really.

She was never riding the horse again though.