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TITLE: Five Times Jaina Bitchslapped Jacen
AUTHOR: comedownstairs
FANDOM: Star Wars
DISCLAMER: So don't belong to me, la. Or Jacen would be dead from fire.
CATEGORY: Five things, angst
SPOILERS: Balance Point, Destiny's Way, The Dark Nest Trilogy and the Legacy of the Force series
AUTHOR'S NOTES: For holy_whatever as a five things prompt.

1. In the aftermath of Duro's fall, there was a lot of waiting. Waiting for news on Leia, waiting for the next problem to hit, waiting for that one moment where things all fell apart again.

In the middle of that waiting, Jaina caught her brother's eye, and he offered a terse smile.

He looked really surprised a second later when Jaina hauled off and smacked him.

"If you ever pull what you did back there again, we're going to have problems," she told him.


2. Waiting for the reunion with Jacen, Jaina had worried about what to tell him about the things she'd done, thought things over endlessly and wondered how it would go and what to say and whether he'd hate her. She'd decided that she just needed to stop thinking, to be glad he was okay, and go from there.

Never in her imagination had she thought she'd greet him with a slap.


3. The second time Jacen had returned, on a five-year hiatus where he'd obviously tried to avoid her through the Force and spent every minute off the grid away from the people who were putting the galaxy back together, he deserved the slap.


4. Kyp hadn't been that sorry to see the smacking Jacen got, and he didn't even need to hear the argument to know why. As he watched Jaina stalk off, he wandered over to Jacen, still rubbing his cheek, and said, "I could have told you trying to do her fighting for her was a bad idea."


5. Jacen went to her court-martial. The whole time, Jaina ignored him, not willing to give him the satisfaction of upsetting her. She also knew more or less from experience that he was probably working from an agenda that had nothing to do with her, so maybe she just needed an excuse to not get upset.

She saw him in the hall when it was over, all calm and self-righteous, convinced he knew what was right and wrong when he didn't seem to actually have any clue anymore. He didn't seem at all sorry that he'd just taken away fifteen years of his twin sister's life, that he'd essentially destroyed any future she'd planned for herself.

The urge to walk up to him and hit him was strong. The media would air the footage for days on end. She wouldn't come out of it looking great, but who cared now?

She didn't do it only because it was too late for it to do any good, and it wouldn't make her feel any better. In her head every time afterwards, though, it replayed very differently.