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TITLE: Five Ways Jacen Never Turned to the Dark Side
AUTHOR: comedownstairs
FANDOM: Star Wars
CATEGORY: Five things
SPOILERS: Legacy of the Force, Star by Star
AUTHOR'S NOTES: For nameitlater.

1. I was extremely random, but seven-year-old Jacen didn't so much mind when Leia suddenly pulled him into a big hug. "What was that for?" he wondered.

"I don't know," Leia replied. "I just thought you needed more hugs."


2. After Zekk messed up Jaina's shot on the worldship, claiming that they didn't actually *know* Vergere was evil and therefore it would be wrong to kill her, Jaina had Lowie hold him down, leaving her free to pick off Vergere as she tried to run away.


3. Jacen had a big decision to make, and only a short time to make it. One of them had to die, and he didn't want it to be Ben, he definitely didn't want it to be him, which left poor Nelani-

Hey, wait a minute, why didn't Lumiya name herself, especially when outnumbered?


4. Jacen had spent a long time reflecting on Anakin Skywalker's horrible deeds, and he couldn't believe how much he didn't want to be that guy. Maybe he'd just take Allana and Tenel Ka on a vacation instead.


5. Shortly after telling Jacen that his services as Ben's master were no longer needed on the grounds that they were done enabling him, Luke made sure to thwap him upside the head and say, "And cut it out."


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